commMindful Communication

Words we use are double-edged swords. They can inspire and bring hope to someone or they can hurt and diminish someone’s spirit.

Good communication is essential to any healthy relationship, whether it’s between spouses, family members, friends, or co-workers. Mindfulness, the practice of nonjudgmental awareness can help us communicate more effectively and meaningfully with others in our personal and professional lives. The practice of mindfulness awareness in communication can change the way we speak and listen, enhance our relationships, and help us achieve our goals.

About the Program

Mindfulness Communication is a one day workshop that explains how the practice of mindfulness awareness can change the way we speak and listen, enhance our relationships and help us achieve our goals.  The workshop is about learning to be more mindful and empathetic about our word choices, the tone of our messages, and subtle meanings we may be conveying, practising mindfulness and empathy in our communication in the workplace and daily life.

Who should attend?

  • Executives who want to achieve creative focus and clear communications in the workplace
  • Individuals who need to overcome stereotypical thinking and have a better understanding of  communicating mindfully
  • Those who need to communicate more effectively with their colleagues and customers
  • Managers who need effective communication techniques to reduce conflicts in their teams.


In this workshop, participants will gain the skills and knowledge on:
  • Communication Truth
  • Mindful Communication
    • Look at the finer points of great communication
    • Speaking with credibility
    • Casting aside blame
    • Listen actively for total understanding
    • Barriers to active listening
    • Letting go of judgement
    • Turning off your opinions
    • Paying attention to people’s words and behaviours
    • Asking questions to check your understanding
    • Engaging with empathy
  • The five keys to mindful communication
  • The Steps to Mindful Communication
  • Mindful Communication - Verbal and Non Verbal
  • Mindful conversations in 9 easy steps
  • Mindful communication and its benefits
  • Mindful communication to handle conflicts.



At the end of the workshop, Mindful Communication enhances a person’s ability to:
  • Avoid certain words and phrases that may be interpreted in a negative way
  • Appreciate others and practice empathy in our choices of words
  • Know when to speak and when not to speak
  • Develop new strategies and skills for effective communication
  • Practice and integrate tools for authentic speaking and authentic listening
  • Communicate assertively in personal, social, professional and business relationships to achieve equitable outcomes
  • Identify the subtle nuances of facial expressions, body postures, responses, emotions
  • Identify his/her communication patterns and habits
  • Uncover the hidden fears that sabotage communication
  • Handle difficult conversations wisely
  • Become more truthful, compassionate and flexible in communication and people relationships.

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