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People management becomes an increasingly important part of a management person’s working life. In an organisation, there are expectations for management people to manage a wide range of situations effectively and efficiently.

Are you anxious or stressful about your ability or current demands to manage people?
Or have you ended up in a people management position with no formal training or experience in this area?
Mindful Management provides you the practical guidance to develop your management skills and leadership qualities in a nutshell and in a timely manner.

About the Program

Mindful Management is a one day workshop, designed for leaders and management people (entrepreneurs, business owners, directors, managers and supervisors) to cultivate people management skills and leadership qualities. It helps leaders and management people to get to the bottom of what people management actually is and working out how to be a mindful managerial person and leader.

Who should attend?

  • Management people and leaders who want greater creative focus and clarity
  • Management people and leaders who need to overcome stereotypical thinking and have a better understanding of new people management and leadership style.
  • Management people and leaders who are experiencing high levels of stress and emotions
  • Management people and leaders who need to communicate more effectively with their peers, colleagues and customers
  • Management people and leaders who need effective techniques to reduce conflicts in their organization
  • Management people and leaders who are involved in change and strategy
  • Management people and leaders who wants to be more effective, efficient and productive.


In this workshop, participants will gain the skills and knowledge on:
  • How to retain your best people?
  • How to create a workplace where employees want to be?
  • How to build a strong and creative team?
  • How to get on well with other people?
  • How to encourage feedback from your staff?
  • How to give feedback?
  • How to form work teams?
  • How to build team unity?
  • How to develop your leadership qualities?
  • How to persuade other people to feel or react as you do?
  • How to become a leader?
  • The 10C’s of leadership.
  • How to motivate staff?
  • How to boost the morale of staff?
  • The 3Cs for successful organisations.
  • How to get ahead at work?


At the end of the workshop, Mindful Management enhances a management person and leader’s ability to experience:
  • Critical and clearer thinking
  • More effective communication
  • More creativity and stronger people management and leadership skills
  • Greater teamwork
  • Improved ability to address conflict
  • Leading others into your way of thinking
  • Increased stability during periods of change strategy.
Our work shows that the application of mindful management principles can dramatically enhance a management person, leader and organizational success. Results include greater management and leadership success, efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and a higher likelihood of survival in a changing corporate world.

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