Conflict Management

Internal conflicts can be detrimental to your company morale and business results. Having the skills to resolve internal conflicts effectively is one of the biggest challenges in today’s business world and is vital to success.

About the Program

Conflict is present in every organisation and if people are resolving their conflicts with win-win outcomes, the result is effective teamwork. But if conflicts aren’t resolved, working relationships erode and the result is a growing morale problem that needs attention. The best way to get the right attention is to schedule our conflict management workshop for your organisation. Our conflict management workshops involved everyone in the process of behavioural change and personal growth through focused education and positive interaction.

titl Our Conflict Management Workshop is a highly interactive workshop with opportunities for small group discussion for participants to discuss the new information and how to integrate the knowledge into their workplace.


•    Conflict Management
-    Definition
-    Ways of dealing conflicts within a group
•    The value of relationships and the role of healthy conflict
•    Conflict management styles
•    Understanding anger, timing and the dynamics of emotional conflict
•    Transforming the negative energy of anger into a positive, productive force
•    Active Listening
•    Effective techniques for conflict management
•    Strategies for managing workplace conflicts
•    Turning conflict into collaboration
•    A win-win framework for negotiating
•    Resolution and compromise  
•    Focusing on goals, roles and procedures rather than personal/emotional issues
•    When and how to escalate interpersonal conflicts
•    Conflicts between you and your boss
•    Conflicts between you and your employees
•    When to get involved: mediation and third-party interventions
•    Revisiting and healing unresolved conflicts
•    The nature and value of teamwork.


At the end of the workshop, participants will learn how to:
•    Uncover hidden resentments in themselves and in others
•    Recognize and avoid self-destructive behaviour patterns
•    Become more assertive in effectively dealing with conflicts when they arise
•    Resolve minor conflicts before they grow into major crises
•    Break the habits of blaming, accusation, defensiveness and rationalization
•    Repair damaged relationships
•    Negotiate win-win solutions to difficult problems with difficult people
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